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The Grupo Oncológico Cooperativo del Sur (GOCS) was founded in 1978 by medical oncologists from Neuquén and Bahía Blanca, Argentina. In 1986 investigators from Mar del Plata, and later from Santa Rosa, Tres Arroyos and La Plata, joined the group. They contributed to the reinforcement of its main goals: to improve patient care through the development of clinical research, and professional and public education. Today, over twenty institutions involved in cancer patient care (between members and affiliates) from different cities of Argentina and other countries, participate in GOCS clinical studies and educational activities.

Since its foundation, our group has devoted a great deal of interest to clinical trials, prognostic factors and assessment of outcomes in different malignancies such as breast cancer, lung cancer and biochemical modulation in colorectal cancer, among others. In addition, we have focused on translational studies with biomarkers of response to therapy and basic science. All member institutions handle a uniform method of data collection, registration and managing, that allows for the presentation of reliable information as judged by a peer review system.

Every GOCS center has a computerized data base, and all of them are interconnected. This organization enables the daily exchange of information as well as the monitoring of studies in progress. In addition, six plenary sessions per year are held at different locations. The GOCS sponsors scientific meetings, lectures by renowned personalities in oncology, and training fellowships for Argentina and foreign-born oncologists. The group is also involved in educational activities aimed at community prevention, general information and support of the cancer patient. This web site describes our activities and publications. We hope they will enable the reader to get acquainted with GOCS. Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in joining or collaborating with our group.

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The prognostic significance of metastatic pattern in stage IV male breast cancer at initial diagnosis: a population-based study

José Pablo Leone, Bernardo Amadeo Leone, Ariel O Zwenger, Carlos Teodoro Vallejo, Alberto Omar Romero, Mario Raúl Machiavelli, Juan Eduardo Pérez, Julieta Leone.


Prognostic Significance of Tumor Subtypes in Women With Breast Cancer According to Stage: A Population-based Study

José P Leone , Julieta Leone , Ariel O Zwenger , Carlos T Vallejo , Bernardo A Leone.


Overall Survival of Men and Women With Breast Cancer According to Tumor Subtype: A Population-based Study

Julieta Leone, Ariel O Zwenger, Bernardo A Leone, Carlos T Vallejo, José P Leone.

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